Romaine , Natalie and Lily Weathered their own health crisis. We two will get through this pandemic. We have to except that some people will die. When the AIDS crisis hit people ignored the gay community thinking it was perfectly fine for people to die.

It took the efforts of the Combined community and activists like Act Up to make a difference. Our government on a federal level is failing us. It is up to each individual to take responsibility for the welfare of themselves and others as a society in order to flatten the curve of this virus.

Meanwhile we must be creative and use our energies to stay centered and keep our eye on the goal – finding a vaccine.

Now a poem

We Are More Than Enough

The strong woman

The one no one owns

She asks you

Are you worthy 

I ask myself 

Is she?

We recognize

Each in the other 

The world doesn’t get

Who we are 

We are joy

Without reserves

We were the caged birds

We realized  freedom

Was something 

Our arms had to reach out for

We found it in the sap of the tree

Rooted in the cosmos in the

The soil of the soul of our hope

For a new day where love

Could show it’s naked face

Bare our pain for the world

Sneer as you will

We are used to it

We bear the lash

Our scars are deep

We were allotted nothing

Worst than slaves

We live out truth in our bodies

We love and they hate us

We look like them but we 

Are not them

We tried to ran away

We hide in invisible chains

Married to cover our shame

We wondered how we lost

The goddess, the Amazon, 

Lost our culture

Our Sapphic our heritage

No you can’t take that

Out of us 

rape it out of us because

You cannot break us

Not in our house

A house you never

Can enter, never be invited

Into, a house you must break into

And to what end

You can violate us but you

Can never own us. 

We will be alive

In ways, you will never know.