Moving Day

Since Elon took over Twitter and turned it into a part of fascist central. I have been searching around for a new platform to talk about current issues art, politics, and things that interest me. Prior to Twitter’s demise as a free wheeling space to communicate with others with like the interest I have been looking at Substack. Several of my friends had recommended it And signed on, hoping to make a little money from the writing.

Having resigned myself to no longer using Twitter as a means of regular communication, I have tried several of the alternatives, Mastodon, Tribel, and post. That’s far I have found post the easiest to use. I post on tribel fairly regularly, and I have never fully mastered Mastodon. My success rate with Substack has been on and off. They have been changing the platform, and now have made a change the perhaps will work for me.

I have satisfied myself with chatting among my friends about issues that interest me in art and politics mean light, but I am going to try sub stack if I can master it’s platform. Eventually, like all of my friends, I will probably charge five dollars a month for you to hear me vent feelings that we all share in my peculiar thing on them. For the time being everything will be free and I will start trying to comment regularly now that my anti-conversion memoir, Erase Her: A Survivors Story is finally coming to fruition.

So follow me if you like my speaking truth to power running commentaries

And feel free to chime in.

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