An interview

Suzanne Stroh and Hunter O’ Hanian. This is a delightful exchange between The director of the Stonewall National Museum & Archives.
Their stimulating talk took place on Armistice Day.
Suzanne is the award winning multitalented screen writer
who has translate Francesco Rapazzini’s delightful farce A Night At The Amazon’s from French to English. Her work has appeared in Vanity Fair, on Our Chart and in I Thought My Father Was God; And Other True Tales from the NPR Story Project

Her latest achievements include performances for audible books on two dynamic Sapphists Eva Palmer- Sikelianos and Natalie Barney who were part of Romaine Brooks’s circle. In this interview she talks about the brave modern women who were in the vanguard of new women who embraced the 20th century and followed their destinies. In her recording and performance she captures the voices and spirits of these creatives including the men who were part of their society.

Audiobooks are the cutting edge of publishing at a time when print media is being severely challenged. So here is this charming and informative exchange

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