Moving right along

As we all know, a writer’s life is never easy. Publishing is in flux and advances are rare unless you are a famous writer. So it’s always a matter of rolling the rock. As those of you who follow me know, it has been an ongoing struggle, but I am happy to report there is light at the end of the tunnel.

On Reviewing

My review of Siri Hustvedt’s intellectually engaging and challenging book The Blazing World will be out in January in the Women’s Review of Books. It will offset other somewhat superficial and self-serving reviews that have appeared. I realize that my saying this may offend some, but truths must be told. Many reviewers put themselves in the limelight at the expense of the books they are supposed to be reviewing. I am not going to name names here. I will say that my job as a reviewer is to carefully read the book, comment on it, and refrain from foregrounding myself and my knowledge of the various worlds I am familiar with in order to show how much I know or how brilliant I may be at the expense of the author. It’s not about being cleverer than thou. It is about telling readers why they should read or not read the book.

Progressing with Romaine

Romaine Brooks Self PortraitMy own work on Romaine Brooks is coming along well now. I am scheduled for Fall of 2015 and, of course, I hope you will all buy the book. It will be a revelation that will set all previous biographies referring to Brooks and Barney on their heads. It will be intellectually engaging and filled with fresh facts and insights. Additionally, a film producer is interested and I have been working with an award-winning script writer on a screenplay. So it’s all good at the moment.

I suppose the final word is persistence pays off and one just has to keep trucking — no matter. Remember Frankenstein today. It’s Mary Shelley’s day! A more engaging monster never lived! (I don’t count the Count because he only lived on the blood of the living.) Have a scary day.

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